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About Us

Carrick Customs is a small automotive custom shop located in beautiful Central Oregon.  We started off just doing projects in the garage as a hobby, but as time went on we noticed more people interested in what we were building and the products we were developing.  This extra interest seen from Instagram and different forums is what spurred the starting of Carrick Customs.  We strive to build and sell nothing but the highest quality parts and trucks.  Our current focus is to fill the gap in the lack of quality, performance, and upgraded OBS Ford parts.  As well as working on upgraded parts we are also in the process of developing our own Cummins Conversion motor mounts, all tig welded radiator hoses, plug-n-play wiring harnesses, "Fummins" twin turbo kits, and much more!  We are a family owned business that focuses on buying from other local businesses and supporting other small businesses in the industry.

Contact Information:

  • Email: info@carrickcustoms.com
  • Phone: (541) 241-6717