Bundle: Motor Mounts (1980-1997 Ford F250/350 to 12v/24v/CR Cummins Powder Coated) & OBS Ford Cummins AC Compressor Mount - FREE SHIPPING

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This is a bundled product of 2 of our best-selling items:

1) Motor Mounts: 1980-1997 Ford F250/350 to 12v/24v/CR Cummins (Color: Powder Coated Black)

2) OBS Ford Cummins AC Compressor Mount

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Motor mounts description:

Powder Coated Black color. Cummins motor mounts for 1980-1997 Ford Truck. For 12v Cummins swap, 24v swap, and Common Rail Cummins engines. Direct bolt in · Includes frame side motor mount brackets · Block side motor mount brackets · Factory 1st Gen Dodge Cummins motor mount bushings · All hardware needed to bolt the motor mounts to the frame and engine · Installation instructions. Unlike others, these mounts have a built-in relief to fit the power steering hose that threads into the back of the power steering pump on the drivers side of the engine.

AC compressor mount description:

This OBS Ford Cummins AC compressor mount allows you to keep your factory OBS Ford AC compressor and lines after you have installed a 12v 6BT or 4BT Cummins engine. Is compatible with the factory mechanical fan and all other standard, factory Cummins belt driven accessories. Sold in bare metal (no powder coating or paint). Includes AC Compressor mount · Hardware to bolt the mount to the engine (Hardware is not included to bolt the AC compressor the mount; you will use the factory bolts for bolting your AC compressor to the mount) · Mount, hardware and pulley for idler pulley · Belt.


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