1980-1997 Ford F-Series Cummins Conversions:

  • Do you have to move the engine/transmission/transfer case back when doing a Cummins Conversion?
    • Yes, the engine/transmission/transfer case have to be moved back ~2.5”. The reason you have to do this is to make room to run the factory Cummins mechanical fan with space between the radiator and fan.
  • Can I get mounts that keep the engine/transmission/transfer case in the stock location so that I don’t have to have my driveshafts modified?
    • Simply put, no.  Keeping the drivetrain in stock location will create far more headaches than having to have your driveshafts modified.  Those headaches would be completely modifying the core support to push the radiator, AC condenser and intercooler forward.  This may not sound that bad, but with the radiator and AC condenser in the stock locations it is still a tight fit making the intercooler fit behind the grill and requires trimming.  Moving those even further forward would not allow any room for an intercooler.  Driveshafts can be easily shortened (rear) and lengthed (front) by a local machine shop.
  • I see that there are two different motor mount options, which one is best for my conversion?
    • Both motor mount options work well and put the engine in about the same location.  The first set that we offer (hyper link) use 1st gen Dodge Cummins motor mount bushings and come with the engine side brackets, motor mount bushings, frame side brackets and all the necessary hardware.  These mounts are great if your engine did not come with any engine side mounts or came with 1st gen Dodge motor mounts.  The motor mount bushings are easy and inexpensive to replace when they wear out.  We have run a compound turbo’d Cummins that made ~500hp and ~1200lb/ft of torque through these mounts without a problem.

OBS D60 Heavy Duty Steering Kit:

  • Do you have to drill or ream out your knuckles to install this steering linkage?
    • No, this is a bolt-on kit.  You may have to make some slight adjustments to the low misalignment dust boots that come with this steering kit if one of your knuckles is wallowed out, but this is very easy.
  • If the tie rod ends wear out, where can I get replacements?
    • Replacement tie rod ends can be purchased through us, Synergy MFG, and Poly Performance to name a few.  There are other companies that sell them as well.
  • Why is it listed as “Off-Road Use Only”?
    • Our steering kits are listed as Off-Road Use Only because they have not gone through the DOT testing process.  This does not mean they don’t work for on-road use, it just takes the liability off of us.  This is very common with aftermarket automotive parts.