Beater 7.3 Project Thread

The Beater 7.3 Shop Truck

It came time to sell the truck that started it all for us, the white and red 1997 F350 CCLB Cummins conversion, and we needed a truck that was able to pull trailers and be a solid work truck while we work on our new project (more on that later).  I started looking on FB Marketplace and came across a listing for a Ford F350.  The listing photo was just a poor picture of the lower portion of the drivers side dash/interior, just enough to see that it was at least a 92-97 truck.  I sent them a message asking for more pictures and found out it was a 1997 F350 4x4 XL single cab long bed Powerstroke 5 speed.  It was a great deal so I went to the bank and made the 10 hour, round trip, road trip to Baker City Oregon to pick it up.