Hey guys! We are back in action and bringing some awesome products to market. We do apologize for the hiatus, but we can ensure that it was for the better of our business, products, and community, including all of you awesome customers who we appreciate so much.

We wanted to give you some updates on what has been happening in the past few months, and where we are headed coming up. This last year was a conglomerate of a shop upsizing project, a custom fire truck tiny-house project for pro-snowboarder Austin Smith, and many little projects that popped up along the way. The compiling of all those projects kept us from truly honing in on what we are most passionate about- developing the best products for YOU GUYS! Which leads to the most EXCITING news of this post: We finally have our steering kits for sale and the coil over kits are not far behind.   We have a brand new CNC plasma cutter getting delivered in the beginning of November that will be the key to getting those coil over kits into production. We know this is what you all have been waiting for, and we greatly appreciate your patience.

Everyone that is on our notification list has been emailed that the steering kits are up for sale on the website. We are starting with a smaller batch sale, so be ready to pounce, because they will sell out quick. But do not be alarmed! We are building up our inventory in order to supply steering kits as efficiently as we can!

This coming year, our plan is to put all focus on the development of products and ramping up production so all of you patient followers can get those kits installed on those beautiful trucks of yours! We have HIGH aspirations and are so excited about what is coming up and all the new products we are working on bringing to the market.

All of this has been a long time coming, but we promise- It will definitely be worth the wait.

Thank you again for all of your encouragement and support during the growing pains!

-Carrick Customs

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