OBS D60 Coil Over Kit

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*As of May 17, any Coil Over Kit orders will be on a waitlist for King shocks. We expect to receive them within 3-4 months. Please keep in mind when ordering. 

Our OBS Ford Coil Over Kit is the only coil over kit out there that uses the factory OBS Ford Dana 60 front axle.  This suspension kit will completely revolutionize the way your OBS Ford rides and drives.  It is a radius arm design for leveling and up to 4” lift and a parallel four link design for 6” or more lift, both of which handle very well on and off road.  The shocks are King 2.5" x 10" Coil Overs with Remote Reservoirs that have been tuned and valved specifically for these trucks by Thuren Fabrication.  We designed this suspension kit to work with our OBS D60 Heavy Duty Steering kit.  Using our HD Steering Kit makes the drag link and track bar the same length and same angle for ideal handling without any bump steer.

This kit includes everything you need, besides the tools, to convert your truck to coil over front suspension:

  • King 2.5" x 10" Coil Overs with Remote Reservoirs
  • 3.75” ID Coils
  • 2 - Radius Arms, made from 2” x 0.25” DOM tube, with Thuren Fabrication joints on the lower axle joint and frame joint and Johnny Joints on the upper adjusting link
  • 1 - Track Bar, made from 1.5” x 0.375” DOM tube, with a Thuren Fabrication Delrin joint on the frame end and a FK ⅞” Heim joint on the axle end
  • Shock towers with reservoir mounts
  • Radius arm brackets for the frame
  • Track bar bracket for the frame
  • Radius arm, track bar, and shock brackets for the axle
  • SuperSpring progressive bump stops
  • Extended, stainless, DOT approved brake lines
  • All mounting hardware 
  • Install instructions

Installation of our coil over kit is fairly easy if you follow all instructions accordingly.  All of the brackets that go on the frame are bolt-on and only need three holes drilled per side.  The brackets on the axle are weld-on.  If you do not have the capacity to weld the brackets to the axle yourself, you can take the axle and our brackets to a local welding shop to have them welded on.

Many people will ask “Why not just swap to 05+ Super Duty axles and suspension?”  Swapping to Super Duty axles and suspension is a good option, but there are some downsides.  If you are just swapping all stock 05+ Super Duty suspension then that is what you will have; stock suspension.  Yes, it rides better than the OBS leaf spring setup, but it won’t even compete with the ride and handling quality of our coil over kit that utilizes the top of the line suspension components.  You also have to swap out your wheels for metric wheels that fit the Super Duty axles.  There is debate on unit wheel bearings (SD) vs tapered roller wheel bearings (OBS).  Both are good, but most agree that tapered roller bearings are less expensive and will typically far outlast the unit bearings.  At the end of the day, for a similar cost to swapping to 05+ Super Duty axles using stock SD suspension, you can have a top of the line coil over front suspension that uses your original Dana 60, keeps your current wheels, and rides and handles far superior to a stock SD swapped truck.

Install Instructions

Please note whether you have a Kingpin or Ball Joint axle when purchasing!

*Unfortunately and fortunately, we are not Amazon. We create all custom parts and that takes time. Please expect a prolonged processing time with this kit, see above for current lead time on shocks.

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