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OBS D60 Heavy Duty Steering Kit

OBS D60 Heavy Duty Steering Kit

$ 610.00

This is the second version of our OBS Ford Heavy Duty Steering Linkage kit for trucks equipped with a Dana 60 front axle.  This steering kit is stronger, larger, longer lasting and cheaper to maintain than the stock Ford steering.  We use Synergy Mfg Heavy Duty Metal on Metal Tie Rod Ends on the tie rod and the tie rod end of the drag link and we use a GM Style 1 Ton High Angle Tie Rod end at the drag link to pitman arm end.  This new version of our steering kit has a redesigned Y-Link adapter and uses double adjuster rod end tube adapters that make it even stronger than our previous version and much easier to adjust.  We are also utilizing low misalignment dust boots on the tie rod ends that eliminate the tie rod roll that causes a "dead spot" in the steering wheel.  Our steering kits are all TIG welded and use 1.5" x .188" DOM tubing.  While the initial cost is more than new OEM steering linkage, our steering kit is much cheaper to maintain.  Each tie rod end only cost $35-$40 to replace when they wear out. 

There are two options for installation for installation:

Option 1: You will need to ream out your knuckles and pitman arm with a 7/8" tapered reamer to accept the larger tie rod ends.

Option 2 (Preferred): You will need to drill out your knuckles with a 7/8" drill bit and install the tapered inserts that come with the steering kit.  You will need to drill out the pitman arm with a 1" drill bit, install the tapered insert (included) and weld the insert to the pitman arm.  TIG welding is preferred, but MIG is acceptable.  We chose to use tapered inserts because drill bits are far cheaper than a tapered reamer and there is no risk of reaming the knuckles too far and having the tie rod ends not fit properly.

An install instruction sheet is also included with the kit that further explains these steps.


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