OBS Ford Cummins AC Compressor Mount

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8 Rib Pulley and Clutch Assembly

This AC compressor mount allows you to keep your factory OBS Ford AC compressor and lines after you have installed a 12v 6BT or 4BT Cummins engine and is compatible with the factory mechanical fan and all other standard, factory Cummins belt driven accessories.  You will need a water neck/thermostat housing that has the outlet on the top or side of the housing; the factory Dodge housing will not work because it has the outlet coming out the front of the housing, which will cause interference with the belt.  We use a belt and idler pulley that are readily available at your standard parts store.

These are sold in bare metal (no powder coating or paint).

What's Included:

  • AC Compressor mount and hardware to bolt the mount to the engine (Hardware is not included to bolt the AC compressor the mount; you will use the factory bolts for bolting you AC compressor to the mount) 
  • Mount, hardware and pulley for idler pulley
  • Belt

If your truck was previously a gas powered truck and you have a 6 rib pulley on your AC compressor, you will need to swap to an 8 rib pulley.

Install Instructions

*Unfortunately and fortunately, we are not Amazon. We create all custom parts and that takes time. Please expect 7-10 business day processing time.

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