ZF5 Transmission Crossmember

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*These are made to order. Please expect a (up to) a 2 week processing time.

This ZF5 Transmission Crossmember is made for 1980-1997 Ford F250's and F350's.  It is fully fabricated out of 1/4" steel and has a large driveline drop section that works well for lifted trucks that need more driveline clearance or stock trucks.  This crossmember works great in trucks that already have a ZF5 and also works well for converting your truck to a ZF5 manual transmission.  One of the benefits of this crossmember is that it bolts to the inside of the frame rail, and not underneath the frame rail like most others, so that it does not interfere with aftermarket radius arm brackets or 4-link brackets.  It will also work well for Cummins conversions but you will have to drill new holes because it will be moved back from the stock location.

Whats Included:

  • Main Crossmember
  • Frame Brackets
  • Hardware
  • Install Instructions

Install Instructions

Note: Most all of these trucks have the holes that this crossmember uses from the factory but we have found that F250 4wd automatic trucks do not have these holes and they will need to be drilled accordingly.  We have also found that many of the aftermarket transmission mounts have a wider stud spacing than the OEM mount and require the holes to be opened up a little bit.

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