Fox ATS Steering Stabilizer Kit

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What steering linkage do you have?

When it comes to steering, 1980-1997 Ford trucks have always been plagued with loose, wandering, and unreliable steering.  Then go and add larger, wider, heavier wheels and tires and these trucks can be quite scary to drive and hard to keep going straight down the road.  Our D60 Heavy Duty Steering Kit fixes the problems with the stock steering linkage and makes these trucks drive much better, but large tires still have a lot of leverage on the steering system that cause undesirable handling characteristics.  This is where our steering stabilizer kit comes into play.  Adding a "shock absorber" to your steering system really helps to mitigate negative steering inputs that cause poor handling.  

This Fox ATS steering stabilizer is the pinnacle of steering stabilizer technology.  With its through shaft design it performs like a dual stabilizer setup without the need for two stabilizers.  The through shaft design makes it so that the surface area on the internal piston is the same on both sides which keeps the steering feel the same in both directions.  Couple that with the added reservoir for extra fluid volume, 24 adjustment settings that can be easily changed with a flat head screw driver or even a penny, and you have the top of the line steering stabilizer that you can adjust to your desired steering feel.

Install Instructions

This kit is only for OBS Ford trucks equipped with a Dana 60 front axle.  We recommend using this kit with our HD Steering Kit but it will also work with stock steering linkage.

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