OBS TTB50 Coil Over Kit

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Coil Over Shocks and Springs

*Coil Over Kits are pallet shipped. The shipping price is a rough estimate based on residential delivery requiring lift gate service. If shipping to a commercial address with lift gate service, the price will be $100-$150 less. The shipping price is subject to change and if it is less than the original payment, we will refund extra shipping costs. Please reach out if you would like an exact quote before purchasing. 

**Please note- due to the size of this product we ask customers expect longer processing and shipping times. 

For the longest time, the TTB (Twin Traction Beam) front suspension on F250 4wd’s and early F350 4wd’s has been given a bad rap, and right fully so, because it never should have come leaf sprung. This coil-over front suspension fixes those short comings and makes your truck ride, drive, and handle far better than you ever thought it could.  Not only does it ride and handle great on the road, but it also has 14 inches of front wheel travel that soaks up the whoops off road and articulates through rocky terrain.  This kit is completely bolt-on and comes with everything you need except the tools to install it.  Here is a list of what the kit includes:

  • Cut and turned beams that have been plated for extra strength and new polyurethane pivot bushings. 
    • **There is a core charge for the beams that will be refunded when we receive your stock beams and confirm that they are usable. See policy below.
    • We can upgrade your beams to uniballs instead of pivot bushings for an extra charge.
  • King 2.5” coil overs and springs that have been custom tuned specifically for these trucks
  • King 2.5” Air Bumps
  • Shock Towers
  • Bump Stop Brackets
  • Radius Arm Brackets
  • Radius Arms
  • Limit Straps
  • Adjustable camber/caster bushings
  • Hardware
  • Install Instructions
  • Free Shirt- Please provide shirt size in a note when you order

Many individuals’ solutions for “fixing” the TTB50 front end has been to swap in a Dana 60 front axle in order to eliminate the excessive wear on the leaf spring bushings, beam pivot bushings, and not have to install drop brackets for the beam pivots when lifting the truck; and to be fair, this was our solution for a long time as well. But after designing and testing this coil over kit, we actually prefer the TTB50 over the Dana 60- and here’s why.  The TTB50 is nearly as strong as a Dana 60 (and you can install larger axle shafts like the Dana 60 has if you need them), has far more ground clearance, can independently articulate and has almost 1.5 times the suspension travel of a Dana 60.  Keeping the TTB50 is also a less expensive option when compared to the same caliber of suspension on a Dana 60.  Meaning, if you wanted to have custom tuned coil overs, radius arms, and more on a Dana 60 (which we sell a kit for), you would have to purchase that suspension kit and also spend the current going rate on a Dana 60 axle that probably needs to be rebuilt as well.

Different Lift Options and Tire Sizes:

From stock height to 4” of lift, this suspension kit uses factory beam pivot brackets and does not require a drop pitman arm.  This is accomplished by “cutting and turning” the lower ball joint to keep camber at 0 degrees.  For lift heights above 4”, you will need to install our drop beam pivot brackets.

Our test truck is a 1997 F250 crew cab short bed and has our 4” coil over kit on it, which sits at about the same height as a leveled factory F350.  This truck is running 37” tires with only some minor trimming of the lower corners of the front bumper for full clearance.

Install Instructions

There is a $350 refundable core charge for the beams.  Please review our Core Return Policy HERE.

*Please note: this is a very large product that takes an amplitude of time, effort, and money to keep in production. We cannot offer refunds unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please make sure you are fully committed before purchasing.

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