ZF5/Transfer Case Shifter Re-Locate Kit

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*Expect delays due to COVID-induced supply chain issues.

When you do a Cummins conversion, you have to move the transmission and transfer case back ~2.25".  This means that you also have to cut the transmission tunnel back so that the shifters can stick through.  Doing those things leaves a gap up front, where the shift boot was originally located, and requires you to drill new holes for the shift boot to screw into.  This gap is especially hard to get sealed up with on the transfer case shift boot because the transmission tunnel tapers back and the transfer case shift boot is molded to the shape of the tunnel.

Our ZF5/4407 Shifter Re-Locate Kit is the solution for this.  The ZF5 shift boot plate gets riveted to the transmission tunnel to cover the gap up front and has four Rivnuts for a clean and simple install on the shift boot.  The BW 4407 shifter bracket keeps the transfer case shifter in the stock location so that you do not have to move the shift boot back and deal with it letting noise or moisture into the cab.

*The shifters and boots are not included*

These are all CNC cut and Made in the USA.

*Unfortunately and fortunately, we are not Amazon. We create all custom parts and that takes time. Please expect 7-10 business day processing time.

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